Infra  Corporation  has  a  complete line  of  Bar and Restaurant accessories.

These range from our famous Check-Minder and Speed Service to drain systems, shelves, scoop holders and many more items.  With hundreds of dealers, you will find our products in thousands of restaurants across the nation.

Ice Scoop Holders

ICE SCOOP HOLDERS These ice scoop holders are perfect for storage and organization in your bar or kitchen. Makes finding your ice scoop quickly. With it’s sleek design and functionality, the ice scoop holder has become a popular product. Has a large opening for easy use. Open bottom design doesn’t trap water or debris. The…

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The CHECK-MINDER Has become synonymous with Infra Corporation, We were first with the bearing grip design. Rated #1 in the industry. With our Check-minders, just slide paper into track and friction gripping bearings hold items firmly in place. Simply pull down the item and the ball bearing design releases. Our Check-minder is made of beautiful anodized aluminum which provides very effective…

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Speed Service

SINGLE SPEED SERVICE Create a professional bar look with this practical speed rack! It is easily mounted on any surface speeding up service by keeping the bottles close to your bartenders while also keeps your bottles organized and out of the way. Features Made of durable stainless steel Keeps bar organized for quick pouring Mounts anywhere CLICK…

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AUXILIARY SHELVES If you want organization, easy clean ability and corrosion resistance then this Infra stainless steel shelf is perfect for you! Keep your kitchen neat and organized with this stainless steel shelf from Infra. This stainless steel shelf comes with brackets for easy installation. This shelf has a 1″ gap between shelf and wall.…

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Drain Systems

GARNISH DRAINS Made of durable stainless steel this piece of restaurant bar equipment will keep pieces of fruit, straws, and other drink debris stay out of your clean dishwater. The tough plastic insert collects all the garnishes for easy disposal.  Keeps you from clogging your drain. When you’re shopping for bar equipment and supplies, don’t forget…

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Drain Trays

COUNTERTOP DRAIN TRAYS Keep your counter clean with the Stainless Steel or PVD Brass drip tray! It fits perfectly under your draft beer tower. Using a beverage drip tray is the perfect way to catch trickles and spills before they make a mess and this one has a removable grate, so it’s always easy to clean at the…

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